Issue 2
January, 2002

Hallo alle,

This is the second issue of Der Fleiger (The Flyer). For those of you still visiting the site, thank you.

I need your home address to send video tapes and maybe other stuff. If you could take a moment and fill out this form I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Current Status

The picture is locked and the final effects shots are halfway done. There have been some major software updates to the software I'm using and I recently built a monster rendering computer, so the speed of completing this should go up, relatively speaking.

I'm in the middle of securing a stage to record the orchestra. The Oakland Civic Orchestra has graciously volunteered to perform the music, which is very exciting and should add a big level of finish to the movie.

Jeff Frymer and I recorded the Foley (footsteps and other incidental sound effects) last summer and once the music is recorded the final sound mixing can begin. Sound mixing should be under way in April. I'm trying to get all the visual parts complete by that time so that once the sound is mixed I can throw it all together and be done!

It's been a long road but the end is in sight. Thanks to all of you who have helped out. This wouldn't have been possible without you.


I'm in the middle of updating the website and should have the missing parts in place and updating the visuals to reflect more of the final images from the movie. I also have a stack of production shots to include and will be updating as I can.

Herr Direktor

Mark Wrabel